Monday, 21 January 2013

First Birch Box update!!

Well here is my update on my first Birchbox. Blogger won't let me update my original post :(

I like my first box but I wouldn't say I love it. It arrived in a cute little pink bag which is so much better than the strips of black paper in some other boxes which leave black dust everywhere.

Anyway. On to the first item and it is a sugar rose lip treatment by Fresh. Full size is £15.50. The sample is 2.2g and smells amazing. It looks quite dark but once it's on it is a light pink colour.

The second item was a KMS California free shape quick blow dry spray. It's supposed to detangle and soften hair whilst drying it quickly. I haven't tried this yet but I have curly hair so rarely blow dry it. Full size is £13.50. The sample we received was 30ml. I will try this and let you all know how I get on.

The third item was a Taaj hand cream. This smells of cinnamon. I ain't a cinnamon fan so I won't use this but it does feel nice on my hands. Full size is £10 and the sample was 30ml.

The fourth and final item was a jujube age control serum from Wei. I have tried this before and loved it although for a 23 year old it is a strange product. It is supposed to calm redness and soften fine lines. In my case it acted as a moisturiser. It smells delicate and pretty. It is a tiny sample though but for a full size at £60 a 4ml sample is quite good.

I also received 2 bonus items. The first was a deep body massage cream with myrrh by I Coloniall. I'm not keen on the smell of Myrrh but I will try it. Full size is £35 and the sachet of this was 10ml.
The second bonus item was a chamomile tea bag from Tea Pigs. Some people might think of this as an odd item to be in a beauty box but I like it. Yet to try it but it is in a little muslin bag and smells nice. For 15 tea bags you are roughly £3.50 and we all got one each.

So there you have it. The very first uk Birchbox. I quite like that they haven't gone all out and set the bar too high like some boxes did. I would have loved this box if it wasn't for the scent of a couple of the items.

Let me know what you thought of yours.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

First Birch box!

Hey everyone,

I was sent my first Birch box today but due to unforeseen circumstances(3 bottles of wine) I haven't opened it yet. I'll open it tomorrow after work and let everyone know how it goes!

I'll update this same post tomorrow evening.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Family day in

Well, its so cold and icy here that today the 3 of us stayed in and had some family time. We baked, painted and played a lot of hide and seek! Hannah had a little mummy make over too.

We made Gingerbread biscuits and decorated them. Unfortunately, Hannah and Jonny decided they looked so tasty that they were demolished before I could get a photo :(

Next up was the painting. That was fun but I made the mistake of putting paint on my daughters nose which in turn lead to a full on paint fight. Thank goodness it was washable. Here's a picture my daughter made me of a dog.

Now on to the mummy makeover. Here is a picture of Hannah looking far too grown up!

Not a very exciting day but what else do you do when it horrible outside! Not enough snow to go out and play :(


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Today's little Haul and January 2013 Glossybox Review.

So today I went back to work after being off ill for 2 weeks. It wasn't too bad (nice and quiet). I then went to Tesco and purchased some gorgeous smelly Jelly Belly candles. I'm usually a yankee girl but they didn't have any scents left that I like. I bought a large Mango jar - £8.00, 2 x little cans £4.00 each... I got one toasted marshmallow and one bubblegum. They all smell edible and I love them.

When I returned home I found a little Glossybox waiting for me. It's probably the best one I've had since The beginning of last year! The theme this month is Detox.

In my box was a Paul Mitchell Tea Tree body bar 35.4g. I like this but I don't use soap as it dries my skin out so this one is going to my other half to use as a shaving bar.

The next product in my box was some Premae Skincare balance Rescue Face Tonic 30ml. At £27.50 for 50ml this isn't a bad size and it smells lemony. I'll try this as its a nice smelling toner.

I had a Monu Micro Exfoliant 30ml and at £14.50 for 100ml this isn't a bad size either. I've only tried the dermalogica one before and I loved that so much I bought the full size so ill try this.

Jason Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm was the next item in the box. This is a Bees wax lip balm with Aloe in it. This also smells slightly pepperminty. I already have one of these from another beauty box but I love it so that was a bonus. At £1.99 for 4.6g and this being full size it's a good item.

The last item in the box was a Sanctuary Spa sachet of 30day thermal transformation Mask. I have tried this before through Latest in Beauty and with such a small sample I couldn't see a difference. Full size is £27.50 for a 50ml Step 1 bottle and a 75ml Step 2.

As an added bonus there was a cute glossybox sleep mask in my box.

The box this month is a good one. Glossybox can be a bit hit and miss though so I will wait on my Joliebox and Luxbox deliveries before I decide what to stay subscribed too.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

MUA Nail Effects

I purchased a few MUA make up and nail products last week. In my purchase I ordered constellations and the fur effect nails. I have to say that I love MUAs make up but I am not so keen on their nail polishes or nail effects.

On the below photo the tiny little hundreds and thousands looking balls are the constellations..these all fell off within 5 minutes and look very messy. The dark purple are the fur effect nails. These felt to me as if I had forgotten I had wet polish on my nails and reached down the side of the sofa for something!!!

I will do a separate post on the MUA makeup I purchased as that was so good that it deserves a post of its own. However, I will not be purchasing any nail items from MUA again which is a shame as the prices are great and the colours are lovely.

Beauty, bargains & family life

Hi everyone,

Well this is my first blog post. I'm so excited! I'm hoping to update you all regularly on bargains I have found, beauty products I love and general family life.

I am a mummy of one beautiful little girl, Hannah, she is 2 at the moment so is determined she's pinching mummies make up... This is what happens when she does!

Anyway... If there is anything specific you would like to see in my blog then let me know